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Company Breakdown & Timeline

Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, about White-Boucke Productions (Boucke Briefs)
  • 2017BouckeBriefs.com Launched
    Web-Based Products Added
    In 2017, the company launched BouckeBriefs.com to be a one-stop virtual shop for marketing its complete range of court reporting products and to serve as an access hub for its internet-based briefing products.
  • 2015Returned to California
    In 2015, White-Boucke Publishing returned to California to continue its legacy publishing business (www.white-boucke.com) and to develop its emerging multimedia activities through a wide range of multimedia services under the "videoflyr" (advertising/promotional creations), "TeamCOLINDA" video production & website design (www.teamcolinda.com) and "BouckeBriefs" court reporting resources (www.bouckebriefs.com) brands. To reflect this diversity, the company changed its identity to "White-Boucke Productions."
  • 1994Relocated to Colorado, Formed Corporation
    In 1994, White-Boucke relocated to Colorado and transitioned to a formal corporation. In this capacity, the company continued to offer unique, lively works of nonfiction, often with a strong element of humor. The transition included the development of a series of reference works for court reporters and medical transcriptionists–initially in printed form, then later as standalone computer applications. White-Boucke introduced CART reporting to the State of Colorado and provided services to universities, courthouses, conventions, SHHH (Self-Help for the Hard of Hearing People) and companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Sprint and Coors Brewing Company.
  • 1989First Commercial Book Published
    A short time after company formation in 1982, they published their first commercial book, and it soon became a European bestseller. This early success enabled them to develop White-Boucke Publishing into a full-time business and thus expand both the book publishing and stenography/realtime captioning services. While in Glendale, Laurie Boucke began working as a CART reporter for students at UCLA.
  • 1989Company Founded
    White-Boucke (pronounced “white boo-kay”) was founded by Colin White and Laurie Boucke in 1989 in Glendale, California, as a part-time venture offering technical documentation services to local industry and machine stenography services to local insurance and medical concerns.